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Uses of this medication or why it’s prescribed:
Oxycodone is used to relieve severe pain or chronic pain. Mostly prescribed to the patient suffering from chronic pain such as cancer patient, patient who had a major surgery, or incise of pain which cannot be tolerated or treated with light pain killers. It’s a highly addictive drug due to its pure narcotic nature.
It comes in both extended release tablet and capsules and it should only be consumed once in a week and that too under the supervision of the doctor as it directly effects the brain and nervous system of the patient. How it reacts to the patient body is monitored by the doctor as it can leads to sudden increase in the heart rate and the pressure to the brain.
Generic version:


Brand version:


Withdrawl symptoms:
As it’s prescribed by the doctor, the decsion to stop using it or even incresing or decreasing the dose should be taken with the consultation of the doctor. Sudden discontinutation of the medication may lead to certain withdrawl symptoms such as restlessness, teary eyes , runny nose ,yawning , sweating , chills , muscle pain , swollen eyes, dark circles , anxiety , joint pains and cramps , stomach pain and general weakness .

Precautions: before and after use of oxycodone

Before taking oxycodone :

Before taking this medication kindly discuss your body structure, your mental health, your medical history and family history with your doctor .As this medication is highly addictive these factors are important to decide the dose and duration to prescribe.
If you are allergic to opiods or for that matter any other substance discuss it with doctor as hydrocodone contain some inactive ingredients which may cause or develop some other allergic reactions or problems .
If you are suffering from any brain disorder, breathing problems, kidney disease, liver disease, mental dissorder even mood swings, stomach or indigestion disorder or any health issue, kindly inform your doctor this may help him to take the best decision in the intrest of your health.
If you are suffering from nausea donot take this medication empty stomach, it’s rather addvised to take it during or just after the meal.
If you are a diabatic then avoid taking this medication with any other form of liquid as it may increase the sugar level of your blood.
If you are pregnant or breast feeding avoid taking this medication as it can effect the development of the brain and body of the infant , also it can result in developing the undesirable effects such as unusual sleepiness , difficulty in feeding or trouble in breating of the infant .

After taking oxycodone :

As oxycodone is narcotic in nature it makes you drowsy, so your advised no to drive or operate any machinery after consuming this medication.
Initially when you start taking this medication it will take time to adjust with your body , hence it will cause dizziness , light headedness, fainting . To avoid this thing your adivised to walk for 5-10 minutes after consuming it .Get out of the bed slowly, resting your feet slowly on the floor.
It can also result in constipation, so discuss the diet with your doctor to go along with oxycodone.

Oxycodone side effects

The first and formost side effect of oxycodone is that it is very addictive in nature. It slowly and gradually develops its dependence resulting in the increase of the dose and in ablity of brain and body to operate without it.
Initial side effects of oxycodone :
Stomach pain
Dry mouth
Back pain
Muscle tightening
Difficult , frequent, or painful urination
Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
Foot, leg, or ankle swelling
Uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body
Regular and prolong usage of oxycodone can result in:
Chest pain
Agitation, hallucinations
Fast heartbeat
Severe muscle stiffness or twitching
Loss of coordination
Vomiting / diarrheal
Loss of appetite, weakness, or dizziness
Inability to get or keep an erection
Irregular menstruation
Decreased sexual desire
Swelling of your eyes, face, lips, tongue, or throat
Changes in heartbeat
Difficulty swallowing or breathing
Kindly consult your doctor as soon as you experince any of these symptoms.
Overdose of oxycodone :
Its higly advisable to take this medication in the precribed dosage, overdose of this medication will lead to severe health complication, coma and even death. Incase you feel any of the below symptoms kindly call 911 emergency service or visit your doctor asap.
Cold, clammy skin
Slowed breathing
Muscle weakness
Slowed heartbeat