MEDISUPPIES is a FDA approved international drugstore. It is 8-Year-old company now & we have branches in USA, Canada and to some of the European countries too. Our Headquarters is based in Houston TX, USA so all the deliveries within USA .

We ship through overnight delivery options so you can have your medicines by next day afternoon till 12:00 pm.
We offer guaranteed delivery with a packet number and tracking number after confirming your payment so that you can login and check for the progress yourself. We do shipping in discrete packaging and our delivery is 100% safe and secured.
In case of any delays or failure of delivery; we arrange for a reshipment from the same/different manufacturer or a full refund depending on the case.

At this stage; we want you to ask a question to yourself:
Do all the other pharmacies carrying out similar medicine business online really care about your health & fitness?

Our initial company preamble states it clearly that we sell only FDA approved medicines and our manufacturers follow up with us in producing them with utmost precision in their well-equipped laboratories.

At MEDISUPPIES we understand your medical needs and urgency if your prescriptions runs out. That's where we really step in. You can get your meds shipped quickly and discreetly right to your door when you order online at WWW.MEDISUPPIES.COM
As far as doctors' prescription requirements are concerned; that's where our team of specialists come in handy as they can write a prescription for you to go with your purchase, fully complying with your condition and with proper dosage directions. And guess what! It's completely free of cost as an add-on service.

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